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Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Keeping Our Homeland Secure

Dear Friends,

This week the House approved Homeland Security funding in a 257-167 vote.

I voted Yes. Voting Yes on Homeland Security Funding considering all the facts was the only right decision.

I have heard it said that a No vote is always the easy vote, even if it is not the right vote. It seems that when facts are easily ignored, the noise from the Washington echo chamber is overwhelming, or it is just too much work to explain a difficult vote, then No is easier then Yes. This, by definition, is politics at is worst.

Playing politics with the fundamentally most important constitutional responsibility of Congress the safety and security of our Nation is completely irresponsible.

Playing politics with Homeland Security funding when the world is a dangerous place is unacceptable.

Frankly, all of Obama’s threats of illegal immigration actions are mandatory spending, so he would not be stopped by compromising the discretionary Homeland Security funding.

The constitutional solution to stopping Obama’s illegal actions lies with the judicial branch which has intervened and stopped any actions by the Administration to defer deportation.

When Obama announced his reduction to the size of our Army, America appeared weak, which encouraged Vladimir Putin to invade the sovereign nation of the Ukraine.

When Obama pulled all troops out of Iraq without any strategy for stabilization, America appeared weak which encouraged ISIS to creep like locusts across the Middle East, taking territory and cutting the heads off of innocent persons.

If America sends a message that our Homeland Security is weak and not fully supported, we encourage domestic and foreign terrorists to bring their radical Muslim unholy war to our shores.

For the sake of our nation and the world, America should never appear weak.

A Homeland that is not secure is not safe, nor will it be free!

President Obama must be stopped in his illegal and unconstitutional actions, but we must use strategies that by design actually work.

Making our Homeland less secure only adds to the dangers created by the Obama administration in their reckless and illegal threatened action.

Thank you and God Bless, 

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Glenn 'GT' Thompson



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